Encounter the diversity of the world's religions in London! On this program, students will travel to London and engage the heritage and diversity of a truly remarkable and diverse city. In London, it is really possible to see the world in a single city.


We will visit and study many of London's most beloved sites (Westminster Abbey! St. Paul's Cathedral!), but we will also dig deeper into the rich history of London's religious diversity by visiting Buddhist prayer centers, the mosques of the old city, the historic Bevis Marks Synagogue, and many other fascinating sites.  


Aside from the incredible introduction to different religions of the world and the city of London, this program offers a number of benefits:

  • Earn credit toward your degree. All majors and all years are welcome to enroll, and students can choose to receive 3 credit hours in RELS or 3 credit hours of LBST 2102.

  • Study abroad on your schedule. Many students do not have the time to study abroad for a semester or a summer, but this program allows you to earn credit (and fulfill an LBST!) during Spring Break. Aside from the time in London, we will meet only a few times.

  • Boost your resume. 73% of employers say that study abroad experience is an important factor as they evaluate job applications. 90% of employers believe that study abroad prepares potential employees to be independent, flexible, and better equipped to communicate across cultures. 

Our itinerary in London will be thrilling and packed, but students will also have plenty of chances to explore the city on their own and at their own pace. Check it out!

  • Arrive in London on February 29th and visit St. Paul's Cathedral.

  • March 1: Attend a Latin Catholic mass at St. Etheldreda's Church in the morning, and listen to a choir at Vespers at Westminster Cathedral in the evening

  • March 2: Take a guided walking tour of London's Jewish history and visit the stunning Bevis Marks Synagogue. We'll finish the day by touring the Temple Church—a church built by Knights Templar in 1185!

  • March 3: We'll spend the morning at the Buddhapadipa Temple (a Buddhist prayer center) and the evening at the Central Gurdwara (London's oldest site for Sikhs to gather and pray)

  • March 4: This day is yours! The faculty instructor will help students design their own itinerary. Maybe visit Stonehenge or the cathedrals in Canterbury, Cambridge, or Ely?

  • March 5:  We'll take a tour of one of London's oldest mosques and enjoy the markets of Covent Garden

  • March 6: We visit BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir—a stunning and massive Hindu temple built of marble. 

  • March 7: Before a traditional pub dinner as a final farewell, we'll tour the renowned Westminster Abbey